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Our Diamond Sponsors

  • Ronald D. Giles, CAI BP Certified

  • Jessica Raffo

  • Chris Youngberg

  • Ashley Artiles

  • Andrew Dyke, CPA, CAM

  • Howard J. Perl, Esq.

  • Sally Mevers

  • Lurlaine Gonzalez, AMS

  • Leeyen Sieza

Specialized Pipe Technologies

Ronald D. Giles, CAI BP Certified

The Water Restoration Group

Jessica Raffo

All County Pavement Management Solutions

Chris Youngberg

Best Roofing

Ashley Artiles

Bashor & Legendre, LLP

Andrew Dyke, CPA, CAM

Becker & Poliakoff

Howard J. Perl, Esq.

Scarr Insurance Group

Sally Mevers

Lynx Property Services

Lurlaine Gonzalez, AMS

Super Restoration

Leeyen Sieza

Our Platinum Sponsors

  • Lisa Elkan

  • Laurie Shrader

  • Wendi Nance

  • Will Simons

  • Russell M. Robbins

  • Henry Campos

  • Richard Worth

  • Myrna Meza

  • Marcie Gershoni

  • Michael Bender

  • Sandy Bennett

  • James Gonzalez

  • Ezekial A. Kaufman

  • Mark Evans

  • Rebecca Prieto

  • Shane McBee

  • Stephanie Bonilla

  • Kathleen Naughton, CMCA, AMS

  • Jordan Goldman

  • William Pyznar

  • Rick Alfonso

  • Tracy Stephens

Aquatic Systems

Wendi Nance

Association Reserves

Will Simons

Basulto Robbins & Associates, LLP

Russell M. Robbins


Richard Worth

CenterState Bank

Myrna Meza

Terri Russo: Email

Community Cable Consultants

Marcie Gershoni

Kaye Bender Rembaum

Michael Bender

KW Property Management & Consulting

Sandy Bennett

LM Funding

James Gonzalez

Marksman Security Corp.

Ezekial A. Kaufman

Mututal of Omaha Association Banking

Mark Evans

Popular Association Banking

Rebecca Prieto

Other phone: 305-206-0170

PPG Paints

Shane McBee

Siegfried, Rivera, Hyman, Lerner, De La Torre, Mars & Sobel, P.A.

Stephanie Bonilla

Stonegate Bank

Kathleen Naughton, CMCA, AMS

The Castle Group

Jordan Goldman

The Falcon Group

William Pyznar

U.S. Century Bank

Rick Alfonso

Union Bank HOA Services

Tracy Stephens

Our Gold Sponsors

  • David Farrar

  • Vishnu Sharma

  • Christi Moore

Centennial Bank

David Farrar

Stroemer & Company, P.A.

Christi Moore

Management Company Sponsors

  • Barbara Sanbria

Vesta Property Services

Barbara Sanbria

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